About Gainza Forge

About Gainza Forge

Located in the Basque Country, North of Spain, GAINZA FORGE is a well-known forge (Open Die Forging & Ring Rolling) and machining company, focused on the most demanding markets such as Off-Shore / Subsea, Nuclear, Ship-building, Thermal Energy and Petrochemical. The Basque Country is a leading region in the metal industry with a long manufacturing / industrial tradition and R&D&I culture.

Founded in 1978, GAINZA FORGE is a family owned company and all along these years our aim has been to become a forging partner for our customers,having established long term relationships.

Our customized solutions with tailored forgings in a wide range of sizes and materials.

An outstanding service, a customer orientated management and compliance of the delivery dates, has allowed us to become a reliable supplier with a good reputation in the market.


In GAINZA FORGE we care about our clients and commit ourselves to always offering the best solutions in order to meet their requirements with optimal results and with the best quality products. Therefore, we supply forgings in different states; from raw forging conditions, raw machined and final machined.We also support our customers with quality documentation that is required in our markets.