Our history

  • 1978

    The beginnings

    Talleres Gainza started its activity as a manufacturer of flanges according to norm and customer drawings for the Petrochemical Industry. At this early stage, Gainza only performed the machining of the flange sourcing the forgings from local forging companies.

  • 1980


    In 1982 T.Gainza installed the first forging hammer and began to forge. A starting point in their forging knowledge.

  • 1982-1990

    Nuclear Industry

    In the early 80’s the first forgings were produced for the Nuclear industry, the valve manufacturer being their main end-user. This is when Gainza opened up to the international markets.

  • 1990-2000

    Increasing Forging Capabilities

    The market started to grow and the demand for forgings increased rapidly this decade. Gainza needed to move on with this demand, the facilities were expanded and new hydraulic presses and manipulators were set to forge.

  • 2001-2010

    First Steps in the Off-Shore / Subsea industry

    After a strategic analysis of new demanding markets with high requisitions, Gainza took the first steps supplying forged flanges for the Off-Shore / Subsea market. This led to the delivery of forgings to stricter and larger projects that recognized Gainza with a Supplier Excellence Award from Conoco Phillips.

    The Subsea / Off-shore market required larger capabilities, which brought along new investments in order to respond to the demand, a 5000 Tn Hydraulic Press and a 40 Tn manipulator were bought.

  • 2011-2017

    New Machining Capabilities & Lab for testing

    Larger forging capabilities led to a new need, the increase of the machining capabilities, this resulted in a new 2500 square meters machining workshop including greater machining capabilities (lathes & milling machines), cranes up to 65 Tn and a new testing laboratory.

  • 2017-2018

    From Talleres Gainza to GAINZA FORGE

    All the manufacturing capability increased and modernisation of the last years concluded in 2017 with a change in the brand of the company to GAINZA FORGE.

    May 2018: Gainza Forge 40th Anniversary.